Amplifier Repair

Local or Shipped-in Service

We are proud to offer car amplifier repair as a service to our customers.  

    • In order to provide the quickest service, use the form on the left hand side of this page.
    • When using the form, make sure to include the brand and model of the amplifier, and what you believe caused it to die/what you believe is wrong with it.
    • We are going to ship your amp back in exactly the same packing as you shipped it to us in, so make sure to put extra effort in packaging your amplifier. We include fedex insurance on every amplifier, but no one wants to have to fill out insurance paperwork, so package it well!
    • When repairing an amplifier, we always use all original parts, unless it is absolutely impossible to source a direct replacement part. We will never try to save money/time by using an inferior, or non-direct replacement parts. This is something we care about and hope you care about too.
    • We try to keep turn around times low by always prioritizing customer repairs before amplifiers for us to sell. Turn around time is dependent on how many amplifiers we have before yours, and we will not put anyone ahead of anyone else on the list. If you want your amplifier repaired promptly, be sure to follow instructions and include repair slips and repair numbers.
    • Every amplifier we repair goes through a rigorous stress testing protocol before we ship it out. They are put through a series of max power tests to clipping, and then multiple durability tests heating them up to 130+ degrees by running a pure sine tone through it.
    • If you send us an amplifier, and there turns out to be nothing wrong with it, there will be a $35 testing fee for the amplifier, if the amplifier does need repair, there is no testing fee applied.
    • While we will take in many different brands and models of amplifiers, we are not currently taking in a few select models that use proprietary parts.

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