15″ Custom Hand Built Subwoofer 2500rms


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USA 2500rms Sub woofer comes in Dual 2 or 1ohm – 3″ 8-layer alum. flat wound high temp. American coil. 420oz triple stack heavily vented motor design.  Over 3″ of xmax! 42mm 1-way

Custom Color Options

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These subs are capable of handling 2500w of power continuously and over 10,000w for burps! The 2.5k rms line is the latest in the progression of EM audio subwoofers geared towards daily low-end Monsters! There is plenty of motor force in the design for both daily,SQL, and SPL use. Utilizing a vented pole and direct vent cooling keeps thermal temperatures under control. Using a 10″ progressive spiders keeps things under mechanical control. We are setting a new standard for what it means to be built by bassheads. Using stitched surround helps keep things together on extreme excursion. The 2.5k line has been developed to outperform and demolish the competition in its class of subs. These subs are destined to become one of the best top ground pounding subs available. Keeping it all together in one piece is the alum Ti frame designed for high excursion levels, air flow, and clearance. Ready for competition in the lanes and on the streets. Need to Be Heard? Want to Be Heard? Then the wait is over! Because the EM audio 2.5k rms line is here!

2500w rms consecutively rated, over 10,000w on burps!
Ti frame gray color is standard (powder coat colors optional upgrade)
Over 3″ of excursion (38mm 1-way)
Mega roll surround stitched
Black poly dust cap with 2-tone logo (real carbon fiber dust cap upgrade optional)
10″ progressive spiders 3-layers (stiffer spider upgrade optional)
3″ 8-layer American made aluminum flat wound coils
Triple xl leads
Available in D2 or D1 coils
4ga. Push terminals (direct ofc 8ga. Leads upgrade optional)
Stainless steel hardware and lock washers hold this beast together!
420oz triple stack heavily vented motor design
Extreme Channel pole cooling and backplate
*Recones available for all of our models*

Mounting Depth: 10.75″

Motor Width: 8.75″

Cutout diameter: 14.125″

outside diameter: 15.625″

Motor weight: 48lbs

Box requirements:

Sealed 2.5-3cu.

Ported: 3.5-4cu tune to 34hz

*4th and 6th order friendly*

*we recommend you get with your favorite box designer for top performance*


Additional information

Weight 63 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 18 × 24 in


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