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Wireless Volume Controller (WVC) PRO

A “wireless bass knob”, voltmeter, and temperature meter all-in-one runs over a custom protocol on the 2.4ghz band (with dedicated 20.5dBm transmitter and 6dBi omnidirectional antenna) to give you long-range mission-critical style control over the volume of your system. The remote out line allows you to use the built in safety features to automatically turn off your amplifier if the voltage drops too low or the amp gets too hot.

You no longer have to endure the brunt of your monstrous ear shattering system while giving demos. Simply step outside of your cabin and control your volume with this wireless knob!


Wireless volume control  Our encrypted, long-range, channel hopping AuralSync™ protocol enables you to wirelessly monitor and control your system from up to 500 feet away!
FFT based equalizer / RCA line level / clip detection Our Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) based multi-channel realtime signal processing allows us to provide RCA line level, equalizer, and RCA clip detection information directly to the handheld unit.
Long Battery Life Intelligent auto shut-off and power-saving modes ensure your bass knob can last for days between charges! The unit will restart within milliseconds to give you near instantaneous control after wakeup.
Wireless Over The Air (OTA) firmware updates Receive new features wirelessly using built-in over the air (OTA) updates using the AuralSync ™ App.
Full Range Flat frequency response and stable attenuation from 5hz to 30khz
15 Volt +/- RCA signal level support Serious bassheads may run high voltage RCA drivers / DSP’s, which easily reach 15-volt peak-to-peak AC signal levels. Our controller reaches this level and adds even more overhead by supporting a full 15V +/- (20V peak to peak) RCA line level!
Amplifier Temperature Probe Use the included external temperature probe to monitor your amplifier temperature directly from the wireless knob
Intelligent Drive System® Automatically throttle your volume when your amp reaches a high temperature or critical output levels, or when your controller loses connectivity (battery dies or other catastrophic events)
USB-C Charging Simply plug-in the included USB-C cord into any USB outlet to charge your wireless knob
High data rate system information display Voltage, temperature, volume level, realtime fast-fourier transfrom driven equalizer display, and line level RCA voltage level indicator are all available at a glance
High Quality Base Aluminum Case High quality, compact, and durable case keeps the base unit protected and cool to ensure years of reliable operation.

Perfect for demo shows, stunt walls, motorcycles, boats, UTV’s, RV’s, backyard home audio systems, and anywhere you’d like to wireless control an amplifier’s volume!


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in


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