Wireless Multi-Subwoofer Voice coil Temperature Sensor Kit (PocketPro)

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Wireless Multi-Subwoofer Voice coil Temperature Sensor Kit (PocketPro)

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The PocketPro gives you wireless monitoring of your Voicecoil Temperature Sensor Kit.

In testing we were able to get accurate readings up to 140′ in an open field from the vehicle, without obstructions, we expect you to get readings reliably up to 30′ from the transmit module located inside the vehicle.

The PocketPro has two Neodymium magnets incorporated into the case which allows you to affix the handheld to a metal panel. We strongly suggest affixing it to a panel with limited vibration to prevent the PPC from falling off.

Long-lasting rechargeable battery with micro USB charging port. Ability to use the device as it is charging.

Shown is the optional Pocket Pro Comp wireless display with four subs and four amp temps displayed

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

1 review for Wireless Multi-Subwoofer Voice coil Temperature Sensor Kit (PocketPro)

  1. KC

    NELO Never disappoints. Every build I had could’ve been better if i knew about these sensors. Definitely a need for all levels of car audio enthusiasts, not just competitors

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