12″ Custom Hand Built Subwoofer 5000rms (Team 12)

$910.00 MSRP

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This is your very own custom and personalized EMAudio Subwoofer; specifically built for YOU!! Your choice of dust cap (carbon fiber / black poly), coil (Dual 4 or 2ohm options), frame style, Ti basket (daily) or Std. 12 spoke (SPL) and even suspension type (SPL / Daily)

You get your choice of 12″, 15″ or 18″. You will receive the Ti top or 12 spoke top assembly in one package, then the motor in separate packaging. We will include stainless hardware and the ratchet tool for you to assemble. Remember TC sounds and their removable top assembly?

Colors, we usually prefer white but we do offer over 100 different powder coated colors to choose from. match your cars paint job or interior! This includes wrinkle and Hammered finishes! Dust caps can match basket.

Your choice on coil with every order! Each one has a wind height of 70mm and is 8 layer, flat aluminum. This is our SPEC. coil and it allows for over 3.5″ Xmech with the Ti frame and 2.5″ of Xmech with 12 spoke frame. Impedance choices are dual 2 ohm and dual 1 ohm.

Cone choices. we usually prefer High roll on Ti basket but offer other options just email us!

USA Team 5000rms line comes in dual 2 or 1 70mm 8-layer alum. flat wound PE high temp. American coil


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