EM-6.5HD 600rms true audiophile Custom Hand built subwoofer.

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6.5″ True Audiophile Monster subwoofer. 105oz double stack motor, heavily vented, 2″ American made Monster 4-layer copper coil, 16mm xmax 1-way! 600rms music rating, 4k max for burps! (Proven test) Available in D4 or D2 coil. Recones are available for our 6.5″

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Seew2EM audio’s 6.5″ true audiophile Monster of a Subwoofer!!! You have never seen a 6.5″ subwoofer quite like this! The EM audio 6.5″ is one of the baddest 6.5 subwoofers out on the market today! Thats a fact! Huge Huge low bass and crazy loud output (over a 151db on a single sub) in a tight space you say? No problem! This is the sub you have been looking for! 600rms music rating, 4k max for burps! (Proven, videos to backup) American hand built here in NC by bassheads, one of the only companies to hand build their 6.5’s and 8’s in house! Massive size motor for a 6.5″ 105oz double stack low carbon steel, heavily vented motor design, American made super beefy 2″ copper 4-layer coil custom made. 16mm 1-way xmax by 70% bl, we also use stainless steel hardware and lock washers to bolt these Monsters together no cheap Phillips screws here. Have you been dreaming about a subwoofer like this? Then dont worry EM audio has you covered. We are a real basshead family making real subs for the car audio community. Let EM audio help make your next system you always wanted, that big bass in a small space. 6 of these ported in a under seat truck style box produces over 148db on music!

Aluminum basket

5.39×2″ spiders double stacked (3 spiders upgrade optional)

Single round lead stitched into the spider

Tall roll surround stitched red

2″ American made Monster copper voice coil

16mm xmax 1-way

Available in D4 or D2 coil configuration

105oz double stack heavily vented motor design

Stainless steel hardware and lock washers

0.50″ sleeve basket spacers

3.5″ Black poly dust cap (real carbon fiber dust cap upgrade optional)

EM audio 2-tone logo

10ga. Push terminals (direct ofc 8ga. leads upgrade optional)

600w rms consecutively rated, 4k clamped burps! Yes 4k clamped proven test results(can provided video, test done with TL 6th order burp box)

*Recones are available for all of our models*

Recommend box size:

.3-.4cu sealed

.5-6cu ported @36hz

4th and 6th order friendly

Mounting Depth 5.375

Motor Width 5.375

Cutout diameter 5.90″

outside diameter 7.08″

Motor weight 12lbs


Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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